A message from the Universe!

Are you questioning your divine purpose in this life?

We are Divine Beings!

All inhabitants of the planet are Divine Beings walking a human existence for expansion.

We all walk this path choosing to let go of our Divine Knowledge, Power, and connection to Unconditional Love to experience an existence in weakness with an empty mind.

We all have always had, currently have and will always have our FREE AGENCY!

No one outside you chooses your path for you. No one outside you dictates where you will be born and to whom you will be born.

No one outside you dictates what you are going to experience in this life.

You chose your Divine Design for this life!

You are the only one who knows what the missing puzzle pieces are in your existence to expand!

You create Soul Contracts with other Divine Beings to come to this earth through. You create Soul Contracts with other Divine Beings to expedite your expansion. To experience Love and to bring other souls to this earth.

You might have a Soul Mate you have spent many lifetimes with. In some lifetimes this Soul will be a fit and you will enjoy your lives together and in some lifetimes they won’t and you will only mix energy for a brief time and separate.

True Happiness can only come from aligning with your Divine Design.

Being lost in this human existence, many will seek happiness by seeking wealth, success, fame, recognition, physical perfection, and material possessions.

The Divine Being will ultimately be left with an empty Soul when all external and material aspirations are reached.

The Soul will only find peace when it’s in alignment with its Soul Contract.

Some Divine Beings will say “YES” when called to heal once they have stepped out of their refining fire, heal, learn expand and step into their Divine purpose.

Some Divine Beings will stay lost in The Matrix, the human existence and be led around by many masters, seeking power from an outside Source, and never accessing the Truth.

They are the true Power they were meant to align with all along.

This human existence is a Perfect Matrix that creates contrast for us to analyze and create a life based on our Divine Design.

Tap into Universal, Unconditional Love, Your Divine Self, Your Divine Design, expand on this for the rest of your life and you will walk through your life with a sense of inner peace you will never find seeking anything outside you.

You are A Powerful Divine Being. You Are Everything! Let go of attaching yourself to one label in this life. Ego wants to attach itself to labels to give you worth in this existence being attached to the human self.

Give Ego a new agenda! To seek and expand on Your beautiful Powerful Divine Self for the rest of your life.

You are a multifaceted, multidimensional being. Play with and expand on everything you are!

I Love You!

I See You!

Please walk the path to find YOU and say “YES” to YOU!

Harmony Woodington C.Ht.



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